The Long Island Bavarian Heritage Festival

Follow this link for the "virtual" Bavarian Festival starting at 8:00pm EST on Saturday, June 13th: Virtual Bavarian Festival

For those that would typically be coming out for the L.I. Bavarian Festival this weekend, come join SVV Original Enzian as they host the first ever Virtual Bavarian Festival on Saturday, 13-June at 8pm. Grab some food from Plattduetsche Park Restaurant and some great desserts from Riesterers Bakery and settle in for an entertaining evening including your favorite schuhplattler dancing and music by Die Spitzbuam and the Foehrer Musik Freunde. Follow this link for the streaming event: Virtual Bavarian Festival

Food and refreshments

Order some food and drinks from Plattduetsche Park Restaurant and desserts from Riesterers Bakery and settle in for a fun-filled, entertaining evening.


Our "virtual" Bavarian Festival will include vintage videos/photos and specially prepared segments by your host club "Original Enzian" as well as special guest appearances.


The "virtual" Bavarian Festival will include live streamed music by Die Spitzbuam.

Games and Rides

Unfortunately no games/rides this year, but we look forward to seeing everyone in person next year!


FREE - The "virtual" Bavarian Festival is free and will be live-streamed on our Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube.


Stay tuned for details on viewing our live-streaming "virtual" Bavarian Festival.

On the site


No need for parking; the Bavarian Festival will be live-streamed directly to the comfort of your home.